Rebecca Espigares Martin

Experienced QA and software developer specialized in scientific computing and verification. High attention to optimization, efficiency and quality assurance. Extensive experience in Python, C++ and Matlab. Strong interest in building up and learning new skills.


MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering

September 2010 - June 2012

University of California, San Diego, CA

Analytical Methods ◦ Numerical Methods ◦ Parallel Computing ◦ Electrodynamics ◦ Antenna Design ◦ Detection Theory ◦ Array Processing ◦ Digital Signal Processing ◦ Microwave Engineering ◦ Electrodynamics ◦ Microwaves ◦ Detection Theory ◦ Research Experience

BS & MS in Telecommunications Engineering

September 2003 - December 2008

Universidad de Granada, Spain

Programming ◦ Digital & Analog Electronics ◦ VHDL ◦ EM Fields ◦ Computer Architecture ◦ Switching Networks ◦ Microwave Engineering ◦ Multivariable Calculus ◦ Linear Algebra ◦ Signals & Systems ◦ Complex Analysis

Electrical & Computer Engineering

September 2007 to June 2008

University of California, Davis

Exchange Student under the Education Abroad Program

Professional Experience

Senior Verification Engineer

2015 - Present

ANSYS Inc, Berkeley, CA

  • Management of HFSS testing
  • Feature quality and control
  • Design and development of testing operations

Electromagnetics Engineer

2012 - 2015

Delcross Technologies LCC, Chicago, IL

  • Research and Development for Savant (background engine for HFSS SBR+)
  • Designed several features in Savant. Relevantly:
    • Array Antenna Support
    • Hybridization with HFSS, CST and WIPL-D
    • Improved CAD Model support
    • Improved GUI

Graduate Student - Research Assistant

2010 - 2012

UC San Diego, San Diego, CA

  • Research under Vitaly Lomakin's supervision
  • Developed a micromagnetic particle solver-simulator for irregular arrays of nano-particles

Professional Research

2008 - 2010

Universidad de Granada, Spain

  • Designed and Developed an FDTD EM Compatibility Simulator for EADS-Airbus Military under the European Research Project (7th Marco Project) HIRFSE.
  • Designed Optimization Techniques for the Design of Wide Band and Ultra Wide Band Antennas under the Spanish Ministry of Science and Education. (TEC2007-66698-C04-02/TCM)
  • Developed UWB antennas suitable for the 3.1 to 4.8 GHz frequency band
  • Studied the propagation of UWB OFDM signals in PAN (Personal Area Network) environments

Professional Research

Summer 2006

Universidad de Granada, Spain

  • Developed articial intelligence capabilities in a VoIP system
  • Test of WiMAX prototype cards
  • Developed a dynamic website for the project using JSP and MySQL